ANOHA on.tour
Preschool groups
35 minutes

Theater Play mittendabei”

For children ages 3 and up (in German)

The play mittendabei (Onboard for the Ride) tells the story of an animal that is saved by a ship during a storm. Once onboard it meets other animals for the first time. It compares, is compared and encounters interest as well as rejection.

The story provides an opportunity to talk about being in a new environment, such as settling into preschool, and the questions this raises, like Who is allowed to play with us?” It also shows how, despite all our differences, we can learn to value each other and live together. The play ends with a fun interactive component in which the children contribute to a happy ending for the story. We provide supplementary pedagogical material for follow-up use.

The portable play was designed especially for childcare facilities and requires minimal on-site organization.

Trailer mittendabei; Jewish Museum Berlin

ANOHA on.tour is sponsored by the Deutsche Bank Foundation.

ANOHA on.tour
Preschool groups
35 minutes

Age/grade level

3 to 6 years, preschool group


on-site at preschools


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