ANOHA on.tour
according to prior agreement

Rainbow Questionnaire

A Noah’s Ark Bicycle for All
Colorful clotheslines on which hang colorful slips of paper with children's writing.

We’re coming to your neighborhood with our repurposed ark-cargo bicycle and our portable rainbow trailer. The rainbow questionnaire,”  with prompts selected by children, invites us to come together and reflect on the world. Once collected, the questions, wishes and ideas form a colorful rainbow that spans a large bicycle trailer.

ANOHA on.tour is sponsored by the Deutsche Bank Foundation.

ANOHA on.tour
according to prior agreement

Age/grade level

0 to 120 years


on-site at elementary schools, at neighborhood and street festivals and at recreational fairs


0 €


Educational institutions in Berlin may also host a shortened two-hour version of the Rainbow Questionnaire.”


There are currently no dates available. If you are interested, please send an email to ontour@​anoha.​de.