Exploration Stations

At ANOHA, there are many exploration stations. You can play at some of them alone, while other stations need more than one child to play. There’s something for everyone here. You are welcome to solve puzzles, climb, put things together, build things, balance, slide, stack things, make music, fix things…

A red boat floats on the water testing basin

Water testing basin

Done building your ark? Then try it out on our 14-meter-long water testing basin. Not only can you see if your boat floats, you can also cause a little flood, add extra waves, make it rain, and dam up the water. Will your boat make it to safety on the mountain?

Two children hug the orangutan animal sculpture

We’re going aboard

Noah’s Ark is ready and many animals want to get on board in time. Will you help them? The orangutan swings aboard the ship with its long, strong arms, taking a few other animals along on its lap. But the polar bear won’t make it alone. It needs a crane and several children to pull it inside. And you? Are you going to slide down the giraffe’s neck onto the ark?

Animal sculptures of an elephant, a zebra, a flamingo, a sloth and a wolf

Unicorn school

Imagine there was a school on the Ark! Everyone learns from everyone here. Every animal has its own talent, and so does every person. Show us what you can do and teach the others something. What would you like to learn? The magical unicorn will let you use its enchanted blackboards for fantastic wishes.

A child looks through a telescope in the center of the ark

Dreams about our future

At the circular center of our Ark, you are welcome to think about what we want life to be like after the Flood. Look through the Future-o-scope and get inspired by the pictures on the giant puzzle. We collect children’s ideas in our library of visions for the future. What does yours look like?

crafted fantasy animal in the temporary exhibition

100 ideas for our world

The flood has receded and the Ark has landed safely. On land, everything can be made anew. What works really well in our world today? What ideas and inventions should we take with us into the future? What can we do better? What do we want to rethink?

The ideas of twenty children from different grade schools in Berlin are displayed in an exhibition that they designed as ANOHAs advisory council in 201920.

colorful notes on the rainbow in ANOHA


Do you see the rainbow? God sent it as a sign for Noah and all people, a promise never to send a flood like this one again. It is the responsibility of all people to decide how to act, good or bad. What will you decide? Take a look at the rainbow’s seven questions. Write or draw your answer on a piece of paper to add some color to the rainbow.

Collage of three images: Child holding a bracelet to a round wooden box with speech bubble, child with headphones listening attentively, and child with headphones standing in front of a screen.

Listen up!

Do you enjoy listening to stories and going on quests? Then this riddle of the talking animals is made for you: Someone’s missing on the Ark. Listen to the scenes on the headphones and look for animals that will talk if you hold up your wristband. They’ll give you clues to help solve the riddle.You can play the game alone or in pairs.