The Animals & the Ark

Our Ark – Is it a UFO or a Bagel?

When you arrive at ANOHA, you’ll probably notice this big wooden structure. It looks a little as if it’s floating. That’s the Ark. In the story of the Flood, the Ark is a gigantic ship several stories tall. Our Ark is round and made out of local wood. Some children think of a UFO, a bagel, or a donut when they see it. What does it remind you of?

 wooden ark in ANOHA with its charkateristic curvature

ANOHA is home to 150 animal sculptures.

Animals at ANOHA

Many animals live on the Ark: big and small ones, animals that everyone loves, and animals you’ve never seen or maybe aren’t so fond of. Yes, animals that aren’t our favorites also come along on the Ark. Because all kinds of animals are respected here. On the Ark, we can get to know each other. If you want, you can observe the animals from a distance at first. Or you are welcome to touch them, keep them company, say hello to them, take care of them, and feed them, so that they thrive on the Ark.

We also have a few animals at ANOHA that are extinct today. And some other animals are likely to go extinct soon. Why do animals go extinct? What does that have to do with us human beings? And what can we do to make sure that many species survive?

Fifteen artists worked on these 150 animal sculptures for two years. They created the animals from reused materials and everyday objects. You are welcome to use the animal sculptures in many different ways: you can climb on some, lay on others, or play some of them like instruments. You can carry some of the animals around some of them make noises, while others make up a racetrack for marbles.