Planning & Preparation


Unfortunately, the time slot tickets for ANOHA are booked up very quickly at the moment. There is high demand and, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a very limited number of available tickets. New time slot tickets are released seven days in advance. You can check whether any tickets are available in the ticket shop:

Covid Guidelines

Hygiene Measures at ANOHA

To make sure that everyone stays healthy, we must all respect the following hygiene measures:

Child disinfects hands

Book a time slot in advance

Currently you can only visit ANOHA by booking a time slot in advance. You can order a ticket for a specific time slot in our ticket shop. 

Corona test not required

You no longer need a negative test result from the current day to be admitted.

Wear a medical mask covering your mouth and nose

A medical mask must be worn during your entire stay in the museum. Children under the age of six are exempt. Please remember to bring your mask with you.

Keep your distance

Please maintain at least a pony-sized distance (at least 1.5 meters or 3 feet) from other visitors, the ANOHIs, and other museum employees.

Wash your hands

Please wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, especially before you enter the exhibition from the lobby. You can do so in the bathrooms near the lobby.

Use the disinfection stations

There are hands-free disinfection stations available at regular intervals throughout the lobby and the exhibition space. Please don’t use your own hand sanitizer because it may damage our installations and objects.

Cough into your elbow

Even if you are wearing a mask, please don’t cough or sneeze into your hands. Use your elbow instead.

Follow instructions for groups

If you come to the museum as part of a group, please follow these instructions:

  • Every group can enter during the 15-minute period before their visit begins. So it is important to arrive on time. Unfortunately, we cannot let you in if you miss the admission time shown on your ticket.
  • When you enter the museum, tell us the number of participants, and bring along your completed group contact form.
  • To get your desired time slot, we recommend registering four weeks in advance.

Don’t visit the museum with symptoms

If you have a cough, runny nose, or other cold symptoms, or if you feel sick, we cannot let you in. Please do not come. And get well soon!

Child with FFP2 mask at safety check

Opening Hours

The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin is open on the following days:

Tue – Fri 9 am – 1 pm last admissions at 10.45 am
Sat, Sun, and public holidays 10.304 pm last admissions at 2.15 pm
Mon closed except holidays

Please note that a visit is currently only possible with advance registration or by booking a time-slot ticket online!

Special Opening Hours and Closures

7 September 2021 (Rosh ha-Shana) closed
8 September 2021 (Rosh ha-Shana) closed
16 September 2021 (Yom Kippur) closed
24 December September 2021 (Christmas Eve) closed


Free admission

Please Note

  • Children can only visit ANOHA when accompanied by an adult and vice versa: adults can only visit ANOHA when accompanying a child. For adults who are not accompanied by a child, we offer Adult Tours to ANOHA.
  • The reservation of a time slot ticket is still required with free admission.
  • ANOHA is participating in the Berlin-wide Museum Sunday program every first Sunday of the month. You can only reserve tickets for Museum Sunday via the website


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Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohnplatz 1
10969 Berlin

The entrance to ANOHA is on the north side of the W. Michael Blumenthal Academy near Enckestrasse.

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Public Transit

Hallesches Tor U-Bahn (metro) station

U1, U3U6

Kochstraße U-Bahn (metro) station


Jüdisches Museum bus stop

248 bus

Charlottenstraße bus stop

M29 bus

Zossener Brücke bus stop

M41 bus

BVG transit timetables


Street Parking 

Only a limited number of parking spaces are available on the streets near the museum, which does not have a visitor parking lot.

Bus Parking

Bus parking is available on Lindenstrasse across from the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Parking Spaces for Visitors with Disabilities

Two parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are available in front of the entrance to the Jewish Museum Berlin at Lindenstr. 15. There are two more spaces at Markgrafenstrasse 87. To use one of these parking spaces, you’ll need a disability parking permit (Parkausweis für Schwerbehinderte). To reserve the parking space, please send a brief email to our visitor services (besucherservice@​jmberlin.​de).

Preschool and School Groups

Preschool and school groups are welcome from Tuesday to Friday. This visit is free for groups of children and two accompanying adults and lasts 90 minutes. This offer is only available with advance registration.


There is a security checkpoint at the entrance. Please plan for an approximately 15 minutes’ wait to enter the building through the checkpoint.

Child supervision and protection

Adult chaperones hold responsibility for supervising children throughout the entire visit.

Children can only visit ANOHA when accompanied by an adult, and adults can only visit when accompanying a child. Adults without children are welcome to visit us as part of a public tour for adults.

Jackets, bags, strollers, etc.

At the coat check, lockable containers are available for groups to store their jackets, bags, and shoes.

Strollers and carriages cannot be brought into the exhibition. It is possible to park them at coat check.

Non-slip socks and a change of clothing

ANOHA is a non-slip socks museum.” Please bring non-slip socks with you. Entering the Ark barefoot or with street shoes is not allowed.

ANOHA includes a 14-meter-long basin for testing toy boats. Please bring along a change of clothes in case of splashing.

Child puts on non-slip socks
Octopus consisting of old museum stools


Families are welcome to visit ANOHA at all opening hours.

Buying tickets and arrival

Currently, it is only possible to visit ANOHA by booking a time slot in advance from our online shop. Please reserve all tickets in advance in our online shop. There is a security checkpoint at the entrance to ANOHA. Please allow for approximately 15 minutes of waiting to enter the building.

Child supervision and protection

Adult chaperones hold responsibility for supervising children throughout the entire visit.

Children can only visit the museum when accompanied by an adult, and adults can only visit when accompanying a child. Unaccompanied adults, that is, adults without children, can visit us during a public tour for adults.

Jackets, bags, strollers, etc.

Jackets, backpacks, umbrellas, large bags, etc. must be stored in lockers. You will need a €2 coin as a deposit for each locker.

Strollers and carriages cannot be brought into the exhibition. It is possible to park them at coat check.

A change of clothing and non-slip socks

There is a water basin for testing toy boats in the museum. Please bring a change of dry clothing in case of splashing. Entering the ark in shoes or barefoot is not allowed. Please bring non-slip socks with you.


Please note that you need to request permission from everyone in the frame when photographing people.

Programs for…

Preschool Groups, Primary School Groups, Families and Adults
Flowers from cleaning utensils