FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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This page provides answers to the most common questions about ANOHA. If you have any other questions we didn’t cover, you can send us an email at info@​anoha.​de.

When can I come and how much does it cost?
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When is ANOHA open?

The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. Last admission 10.45 am. On Saturday, Sunday you are welcome to come from 10.30 am to 4 pm. Last admission 2.15 pm.

To visit ANOHA with a preschool or school class, you are now able to register as a group at visit@​anoha.​de. Families are able to reserve a time-slot ticket from our online shop.

The rule at ANOHA is that children can only visit us when accompanied by an adult, and adults can only visit ANOHA when accompanying a child. The only exception is the ANOHA for Adults tour.

How much does it cost to visit the museum?

Visiting ANOHA is free of charge. An overview of all prices and conditions can be found on the website of the Jewish Museum Berlin at Planning Your Visit.

Where can I get tickets for my visit to the Children’s World?

A time-slot ticket is necessary to visit ANOHA. Please reserve one in advance through our online shop. Currently tickets for events can also only be purchased in our online shop.

Groups should register at visit@​anoha.​de.

And how do I get to ANOHA?
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What is visiting like under Covid-era conditions?

At ANOHA, we want you to explore as freely as possible. To make it possible for you to visit us during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve developed a concept that protects both you and us.

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How do I get to ANOHA?

ANOHA is located at Frommet-und-Moses-Mendelssohnplatz 1, in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. The entrance is on the right side of the big Academy building on the plaza. You can recognize it by its blue walls and the big ANOHA lettering.

You can reach ANOHA by U-Bahn (subway) from the Hallesches Tor (U1, U3, U6) and Kochstraße/​Checkpoint Charlie (U6) stations. Three bus stops are also nearby: Jüdisches Museum Berlin (on the 248 line), Lindenstraße/​Ecke Oranienstraße (M29), and Zossener Brücke (M41).

Very few street parking spaces are available near the museum, which does not have a visitor parking lot. For that reason, we recommend traveling to us by public transport, by bicycle, or on foot.

What are the rules about child supervision and protection at ANOHA?

Responsibility for supervision of children lies with their adult chaperone throughout the entire visit.

Our child-protection concept stipulates that children can only visit ANOHA when accompanied by an adult, and adults can only visit when accompanied by a child.

Is ANOHA accessible for all visitors?

You can move freely throughout ANOHA. Most of the areas can be reached via inclines. Some individual elements are not accessible because they are designed for climbing. Our exploration stations stimulate all your senses. There are stations for listening, feeling, looking, and playing. At ANOHA, there aren’t any long texts on the walls. Our pedagogically trained ANOHIS are happy to answer your questions and assist you. All of them wear light blue vests.

You can find more information on our accessibility page.

Are there parking spots for visitors with disabilities?

If you come to ANOHA by car, you’ll find two disability parking spots directly in front of the entrance to the Jewish Museum Berlin at Lindenstr. 15. There are two more spots at Markgrafenstraße 87. In order to use one of these parking spaces, you’ll need a handicapped parking permit (Parkausweis für Schwerbehinderte). Please place it visibly under your windshield. In order to reserve one of these parking spaces, please send a brief email to our visitor services (besucherservice@​jmberlin.​de).

Are there tours at ANOHA?

We don’t offer a traditional tour for children. However, adults without children are welcome to take part in a tour. You can find more information on the page about ANOHA for Adults.

Is there a café in ANOHA?

No, unfortunately we currently cannot offer any food or drinks in ANOHA. For hygienic reasons, it is also not possible to eat food you’ve brought from home inside ANOHA.

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How can I support the museum?

You can support the museum’s financing and implementation of its various programs in different ways. If you join the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin, you have the opportunity to participate, donate, or volunteer.

Foundations and businesses can support exciting projects or shape them together with us. All information for foundations and businesses can be found on the website of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

What does ANOHA have to do with the Jewish Museum Berlin?

ANOHA is the Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin and a part of the foundation of the same name. ANOHA is a space for children three years and older and their adult chaperones – parents, grandparents, and teachers – to explore, to try things out, and play. It is a way for the Jewish Museum Berlin to expand its offerings.

ANOHA is located in the W. Michael Blumenthal Academy building, which is across the street from the Jewish Museum Berlin.