Group visit
90 minutes

ANOHA for families

A visit to the story of Noah’s Ark
small child stretches towards the polar bear

Delve into the story of Noah’s Ark with your family and discover the areas of the Children’s World together. Experience how raindrops turn into a big flood. Do you want to try out little arks on the water testing basin? After that, you can go on the big wooden Ark. Push the polar bear on board together. Help the orangutan save the smaller animals. There are many other animals for you to get to know on the Ark. Ask each other: How do we want to spend our time on the Ark? What should happen after the flood? How can we make the world a little bit better? Then tell us your ideas.

ANOHIs supervise visiting groups in all areas of the exhibition. The children can play freely, ask questions and make up stories together.

Group visit
90 minutes

Age/grade level

0 to 120 years


ANOHA foyer


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