The Animals & the Ark

Our Ark – Is it a UFO or a Bagel?

When you arrive at ANOHA, you’ll probably notice this big wooden structure. It looks a little as if it’s floating. That’s the Ark. In the story of the Flood, the Ark is a gigantic ship several stories tall. Our Ark is round and made out of local wood. Some children think of a UFO, a bagel, or a donut when they see it. What does it remind you of?

 wooden ark in ANOHA with its charkateristic curvature

ANOHA is home to 150 animal sculptures.

Animals at ANOHA

Many animals live on the Ark: big and small ones, animals that everyone loves, and animals you’ve never seen or maybe aren’t so fond of. Yes, animals that aren’t our favorites also come along on the Ark. Because all kinds of animals are respected here. On the Ark, we can get to know each other. If you want, you can observe the animals from a distance at first. Or you are welcome to touch them, keep them company, say hello to them, take care of them, and feed them, so that they thrive on the Ark.

We also have a few animals at ANOHA that are extinct today. And some other animals are likely to go extinct soon. Why do animals go extinct? What does that have to do with us human beings? And what can we do to make sure that many species survive?

Fifteen artists worked on these 150 animal sculptures for two years. They created the animals from reused materials and everyday objects. You are welcome to use the animal sculptures in many different ways: you can climb on some, lay on others, or play some of them like instruments. You can carry some of the animals around some of them make noises, while others make up a racetrack for marbles.

    Exhibition Credits

    ANOHA: The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

    Supported by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media by a resolution of the German Parliament

    With support from the Deutsche Bank Stiftung, Siemens AG, Daimler AG, Berthold Leibinger Stiftung, Freunde des Jüdischen Museums Berlin, U.S. Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Michael Otto Stiftung, Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung, Klaus und Kirsten Mangold, Deutsche Bahn AG, Arend und Brigitte Oetker, Familie Jörg A. Henle, BMW Group, Bank of America, Robert Bosch GmbH.


    Hetty Berg (Director)
    Prof. Peter Schäfer (Director, 201419)
    Léontine Meijer-van Mensch (Program Director, 201719)
    Cilly Kugelmann (Program Director, 200117)
    Bülent Durmus (Organizational Director)
    Martin Michaelis (Managing Director)

    Adviser to the Directors

    Prof. W. Michael Blumenthal (Founding Director)

    ANOHA, the Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin, is inspired by the pioneering vision of Noah’s Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, which conveys the importance of diversity, cooperation, and a second chance. In the same spirit, ANOHA seeks to give the museum’s youngest guests a sense of a world full of possibilities.

    Head of ANOHA

    Dr. Ane Kleine-Engel


    Olson Kundig Architecture and Exhibit Design, Seattle, WA, USA: design principal: Alan Maskin, Seattle project manager: Stephen Yamada-Heidner, Berlin project manager: Martina Bendel

    Children’s Museum Project Managers

    Gelia Eisert, Barbara Höffer

    Project Manager of Children’s Museum Construction

    Manuela Konzack

    Children’s Museum Project Team

    Christiane Birkert, Dr. Diana Dressel, Anke Dietrich, Manuela Konzack, Ariane Kwasigroch, Jonas Nondorf, Nadja Rentzsch, Anne Richter, Caroline Riggert

    Student Assistants

    Laura Schmidt, Mia Reddig


    Una Celak, Diana Barbosa, Birgit Krömer, Sarah Winter, Rike Pietrzeniuk
    Volunteers from the FSJ Kultur (Cultural Year of Service) Program
    Anne Dreßler, Paul Herbusch, Alice Hoins, Leo Schmidtke

    Participating Children

    Children’s Council: Aaron, Abdul, Adriana, Adriana, Alyssa, Antonia, Carl, Cécilia, Charlotte, Cora, Dilara, Ecegüzel, Elvan, Emil, Eylül, Ecegüzel, Golda-Li, Greta, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Hassan, Jette, Johanna, Jolanda, Julian, Levi, Lilo, Lilou, Lore, Lujin, Malina, Marlene, Maryam, Mathilda, Mathilda, Matti, Maxim, Melek, Melike, Mert, Milan, Mustafa, Noah, Nogah, Okan, Padmé, Pepe, Raphael, Sali, Samuel, Sarah, Sophie, Suna, Victoria, Viktor, Yuna, Zeinab, Zeinab; pilot workshops with students from the Kurt-Schumacher-Grundschule: Abdelrahim, Alma, Efe, Emma, Luigi, Malak, Muhammad Ali, Mohammed, Ravza, Tuana; students from the Evangelische Schule of Neukölln: Alma, Anna, Anselm, Anton, Antonio, Ayla, Bert, Bruno, Carla, Efe, Elias, Elida, Elise, Fenna, Fritz, Gregor, Ilayda, Jakob, Jan (1), Jan (2), Jella, Joshua, Josy, Lena, Laslo, Laurin, Linn, Livia, Lola, Lou, Marlene, Martha, Mathilda, Melissa, Minze, Nick, Noah (1), Noah (2), Oskar, Sita, Tara, Tomma; World Puzzle” exhibition project: students from the Evangelische Schule of Berlin-Friedrichshain: Adela, Alvar, Anna, Antonia, Charlotte, Frida, Greta, Hans, Jule, Julian, Karl, Lennart, Lilo, Martha, Mathias, Mathilda, Nathan, Rosa, Rosalie, Uiko, Valentin, Viktor (1), Viktor (2), Yorick; Opening Art Project with students from the dreieins Grundschule of Berlin-Pankow: Bruno, Frida, Helena, Jonas, Klara, Lisa, Marie, Moritz, Nico, Rhea, Sachar, Sara, Sheela, Valerie, Violet

    Architects of Construction and Exhibition

    Project Management

    IBPM Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäres Bauprojektmanagement mbH: Michael Goy, Heiko Rund

    Planning and Construction

    Architekturbüro Engelbrecht: Philip Engelbrecht, Lars Kowalke

    Site Management of Construction

    büro labs vonhelmolt: Torsten Labs, Herr Antifas

    Planning/​Site Management of Exhibition

    IGLHAUT + von GROTE GmbH: Gesa von Grote (senior project management), Team: Thomas Doetsch, Johanna Ziemann, Serena Bartalucci, Natalia Mikhaylenko (graphic design), Anis Looalian (graphic design)

    Planners and Consultants

    Light planning: Blieske architects + lighting designers: Jan Blieske; media technology consulting and planning: Thomas Buck; climate engineering concept: Transsolar Thomas Auer, Alexander Knirsch; structural engineering: EiSat GmbH Projektleitung Karen Eisenloffel, Statiker Niklas Kolb; structural engineering of playing equipment for Nüssli/​Adunic: Philipp Joschko, licensed engineer; structural engineering of elephant staircase sculpture for awBerlin Produktionsgesellschaft mbH: Ing. Büro Torsten Kastner; Eytan Building Design Ltd. director, chief engineer Reuben Eytan; building systems engineering (HVAC + plumbing): Rentschler und Riedesser Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH für Technik im Bau, project managers Lars Tobolewski, Axel Semler, technical planner Anett Klapproth; electrical engineering: IFE Grothe GmbH Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik, project managers Sven Cordewinus, Oliver Wöller; security technology: Chubb Deutschland GmbH branch manager Michael Stendal; structural physics: Ingenieurbüro Axel C. Rahn GmbH Die Bauphysiker project manager Matthias Friedrich, project team member Steffen Zimmermann; acoustics: ADA Acoustics & Media Consultants GmbH, project manager Tobias Behrens; fire safety HHP West Beratende Ingenieure GmbH project manager Steffen Heistermann; ground of site: Thomas Schwenkel, licensed geologist; health and safety coordinator: KSG Ms. De Kok; inspector of structural stability: Peter Wittig, licensed engineer; inspector of fire safety:Dr. Wolfgang Menzel, licensed engineer; inspector for Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV): Lichtenau Himburg Tebarth: Rens Lichtenau; inspector of building systems: TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH Kerstin Kühnel; safety-related building systems: Sachverständigenbüro Simon Lothar Simon; Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin (Berlin District Office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg) Straßen- und Grünflächenamt (Street and Parks Authority) Herr Dilek; Büro für Spielplatzsicherheit (Office of Playground Safety): Dr. Peter Eckstein †; GEFABA GmbH: Surveyer of Playground Safety, Tim Reißland

    Construction Companies

    Blaßmann Werbegrafik GmbH, D&S Abbruch- und Entsorgungs GmbH, Vesta Baugeschäft GmbH, Heckmann GmbH & Co. KG, Rubner Holzbau GmbH, Tischlerei Schwesig, TM Ausbau GmbH, Resto GmbH, Daume GmbH, Chubb Deutschland Gmbh, IBAUTEC GmbH, KFK Estrichbau GmbH, Dachdeckerei Leibeling, Schandert Raumgestaltung GmbH, Metallbau Zehlendorf, Marotzke Malereibetrieb, Bodentechnik Kretzmar, Sälzer GmbH, Total Walter GmbH, Johnson Controls, Licutherm Anlagentechnik GmbH 

    Workshop/​Studio Spaces

    Planning and Design: Funkelbach — Büro für Architektur + Grafikdesign: Nanna Funke, Steffen Sendelbach; conceptual design and project management: Jonas Nondorf

    Performance Space

    Planning media technology: Medientechnik Martens Audio, Dirk Frohne
    conceptual design and project management: Frank Staubesand 

    Participating Artists

    Artistic x‑ray images in the security area: Arie van t Riet
    Illustrations on the walls: Dieter Braun
    World puzzle exhibition object: students at the Evangelische Schule of Friedrichshain, with artistic direction from Andrea Übelacker
    Introductory film: Gunilla Jähnichen and Tine Steen
    Sound design in foyer, rain room, soundscape and sound islands in the Flood room: Wolfram Spyra, water animation in the Flood room: Martin Böttger

    Concept and Preliminary Sketches of Animal Sculptures for the Exhibition

    Olson Kundig Architecture and Exhibit Design Seattle, WAUSA
    Design and production of the animal sculptures in the exhibition
    kubix – Gesellschaft mbH zur Entwicklung und Produktion temporärer Bauten u.a.: Michael Sparfeld (senior project management), Anne Metzen (artistic project manager), artists: Maria Bahra, Matthias Garff, Gisbert Barmann, Armin Benz, Conny Helm, Heiko Helm, Jörg Hilbert, Beate Kelm, Myriell Kohrs, Jochen Müller, Jens Prockat, Thomas Raditschnig, Frants Rodvalt, Nina Schrader, Jan Schroder, Falk Starke, Annika Statkowski, Gunnar Zimmer, Felix Scharstein

    Façade Sloth

    Concept and preliminary sketches: Olson Kundig Architecture and Exhibit Design Seattle, WAUSA;
    elaboration of design: kubix – Gesellschaft mbH zur Entwicklung und Produktion temporärer Bauten u.a.;
    Architecture: Gesa von Grote;
    artistic implementation: Beate Kelm, Luca Grabow, Felix Scharstein

    Design and Planning of Water Basin

    Felix Scharstein

    Exhibition Construction

    Water exhibit: Bruns B.V., Netherlands, Bart Bartholomeus (project director), Ralf van Son (project manager);
    rain drums: Objekt Leuchten Berlin, Matthias Buchheim, licensed engineer;
    HandsOn: kubix – Gesellschaft mbH zur Entwicklung und Produktion temporärer Bauten u.a., Michael Sparfeld (senior project management) in cooperation with mit m.o.l.i.t.o.r GmbH for telescope, viewmaster, and nests (Flavio Laus, development of sensory nests);
    sound islands, tree trunks (some of them with showcases and screens) in the temporary exhibition area, Finish the Ark” station: Schreinerei Langner: Mario Langner; 
    built-in counter for security area, ticket counter, wall-mounted cabinets for ticket area, benches, cloakroom, Ark building” counter, pedestal for water exhibit, wall of knots, storage boxes, shoe storage staircase bench, bench with drawer, shelves on the wall of the Ark, animal puzzle and basin, insect boxes, storage spaces, world puzzle pieces, baby area; interiors of workshops: Büchner Möbel GmbH: Carsten Büchner; 
    nests, snake climbing net, bowling alley/​animal bathroom, tree trunks (path out of the Ark), climbing structure, staircase structure, giraffe slide, slide leading outside, hammocks: Nüssli/​Adunic (Deutschland) GmbH, Daniel Günther (project manager) together with seil-frey. Seile und Netze GmbH (Erik Frey);
    elephant staircase sculpture: awBerlin Produktionsgesellschaft mbH: Frank Wittwer (director);
    plaque of sponsors, seating snake in entranceway: kpm3 – berlin GmbH: Daniel Günther (project manager)

    Safety Flooring

    REGUPOL BSW GmbH: Christoph Weyandt (Sales Manager/​Sports Division/​Safety Flooring/​International)

    Graphic Production

    Atelier Köbbert GmbH, Thomas KöbbertLieferung und Montage, media technology:
    ISIMKO GmbH: Olaf Hermann (senior project manager), Tobias Holfeld (project manager)

    Equipment for Helpful Companions (ANOHIs)

    KUNiRi gemeinnützige UG


    Amanda DeMarco, Jake Schneider, Adam Blauhut

    Brand Development

    Stan Hema

    Branding Illustrations

    Mirko Röper

    Campaign Design



    Roman März, Yves Sucksdorff

    Legal Counsel

    Müller-Wrede & Partner Rechtsanwälte
    Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Eberhardt & Tietze & Tomkowitz-Lenko


    The children’s museum project team would like to thank all their colleagues at the Jewish Museum Berlin for their support.


    Johanna Brandt, Anja Butzek (lead), Luna Fischer, Kristin Mayerhofer, Isabelle Schuhmacher, Fanny Rothe, Benjamin Thöming, Stella Di Leo

    Digital & Publishing

    Immanuel Ayx, Dr. Mirjam Bitter, Dagmar Ganßloser, Michael Geiger, Dr. Doreen Tesche, Barbara Thiele (lead)

    Management Office

    Milena Fernando, Mathias Groß, Vera von Lehsten


    Odette Bütow, Rainer Christoffers, Andreas Harm, Stefan Rosin, Grit Schleheider (lead), Katja Schwarzer

    Photographic documentation

    Lukas Behrendt, Birgit Maurer-Porat, Valeska Wolfgram

    Building Management

    Felix Blank, Guido Böttcher, Mirko Dalsch, Andreas Freund, Manuela Konzack (lead), André Küther, Janine Lehmann, Katrin Neute, Günther Thibault


    Michael A. Concepcion (lead), Kathleen Koehler, Ulf Neubert, Sebastian Nadler

    Marketing & Communication

    Kerstin Crowley, Ha Van Dinh, Julia Jürgens, Dr. Margret Karsch, Johanna Mirea, Katrin Möller, Amelie Neumayr, Judith Ostermeier, Sascha Perkins (lead), Rudi Schmid, Katharina Schmidt-Narischkin, Petra Wiege, Gesine Tyradellis, Lena Wanner, Judith Westphal, Sylvia Winkler


    Kathrin Gottschalk, Jacqueline Rechenberger, Manuela Gümüssoy, Katrin Krüger (lead), Matthias Mund

    Rights Management

    Martha Altenstein, Sascha Brejora, Henrike Büscher, Hartmut Goetze, Philipp Hartog, Martina Krause, Henriette Mögel, Dr. Gerhard Stahr (lead), Olaf Heinrich

    Collection Management

    Dr. Iris Blochel-Dittrich, Gisela Märtz (lead)

    Visitor Experience & Research

    Christiane Birkert (lead), Stefan Krauss, Susann Holz, Dr. Johannes Rinke, Alexa Kürth, Tom Straube, Oliver Schaumann, Antje Spielhagen

    For their assistance, the Jewish Museum Berlin would also like to thank

    Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin gegr. 1874 e.V.: Andreas Krüger, Dirk Sorge, Reiner Delgado, Christiane Rieger, Eva Cambero; Ariella Verlag: Myriam Halberstam; Drei Religionen Kita Haus: Rabbi Gesa S. Ederberg, Silke Radosh-Hinder, Iman Andrea Reimann, Katrin Janert;
    Karen Engel; EKT Regenbogen-Kidz e.V.: Iman Reiman; Erzählkunst e.V.: Soogi Kang, Yifat Maor, Naemi Schmidt-Lauber, Janine Schweiger, Sven Tjaben, Johanna Wollin; Evangelische Schule of Berlin-Friedrichshain: Erika Nastasi, Henriette Burkard; Fachhochschule Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Early Childhood Education Studies program: Dr. Caroline Wronski; Silvia Gegenfurtner; Prof. Sabine Hebenstreit-Müller; Humanistische Kindertagesstätte Rappelkiste: Theresa Behrendt, Astrid Grabner; Ina Kita: Laura Schäfer; Jugend im Museum e.V.: Katrin Boemke; Kindermuseum & Speciale Projecten Stichting Joods Historisch Museum Amsterdam: Petra Katzenstein; Ellen Schweizer; Science Center Spectrum/​Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum: Dr. Christian Neuert; Eva Söderman; Spik e.V. Kita Schneckenhausen: Theresia Richter

    Last updated: 22 June 2021

    Programs for…

    Preschool Groups, Primary School Groups, Families and Adults
    Flowers from cleaning utensils